Looking for real change in you life?

As a Women’s Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant, I am here to guide you from feeling stagnant and stuck to feeling excited and empowered. I created Find Your Brave to guide women to become their best selves, through clinical, holistic and spiritual methods.

What is holding you back from living your best life? 

Most likely, something is keeping you stuck.

Do you suffer from anxiety and a general sense of overwhelm?

Do you want to make your self-care a priority?

Do you feel exhausted and drained most days and want to feel energized and excited about your life?

Do you have trouble expressing your wants and needs to others?


If  this resonates with you,  I am here to guide and motivate you to conquer what is holding you back.


Together, we will

  • Complete a wellness analysis that will enable us to delve deeply into your current lifestyle.
  • Figure out what is holding you back or making you feel stuck.  
  • Solidify what your best self looks like, feels like and accomplishes on a daily basis.  
  • Incorporate clinical, holistic and spiritual methods to guide you through your transformation.


Interested in learning more?

Let’s get to know one another better!  I offer new clients a 30-minute call Clarity Call.  This call will help me discover what changes you are seeking to make and what blocks are holding you back.  You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the services that I offer and ask any questions you may have.


Meet Stephanie

Who am I?

Fifteen years ago, I obtained an MA in Clinical Psychology in Long Island, New York.  I was thrilledto help my clients through their anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma.  Over the years, I learned that the clinical skills I had learned and mastered were not always enough to improve my clients’ long-term quality of life.   I wanted to give them tools and techniques that they would be able to sustain both during, and after, our work together.    After becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-200) in 2008, a Reiki Practitioner a couple of years later, and finally a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant,  I began to realize how much the holistic world resonated with me.  The more I did yoga, meditated and turned inward,  my own life completely changed, my anxiety subsided, and I began to feel empowered.  I was certain that I had to find a way to combine both methodologies, Clinical and Holistic, in my practice, in order to truly be of service to my clients. Then, I created Find Your Brave.

My Mission:

My mission is to be the empowered woman, for my clients, that I needed in my life, when I was paralyzed by fear and anxiety.  I guide my clients from feeling stagnant and stuck to feeling excited and empowered.  I provide my clients with clinical, holistic and spiritual tools to combat challenging afflictions, such as anxiety, trauma and depression.  I enable my clients to witness where they are, and acknowledge what is holding them back from living their best life.  I motivate my clients to recognize and activate their inner strength and courage, by facing their fears, with an open heart.
They are transforming.   They are beautiful.  They are brave.

Methodologies and Techniques Utilized:

I have combined a clinically based therapeutic approach, with an integrative holistic approach, to help clients combat

nutritional imbalances
adrenal fatigue

 I incorporate the following methodologies, and techniques, in addition, to talk-therapy:

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)
Grounding Techniques
Extinguishing Limiting Beliefs
Exposure Therapy
Personal Empowerment
Holistic Nutritional Guidance