She wakes up and lays in bed. Her mind racing, as usual.
Ruminating thoughts and scenarios replaying over and over.
She feels paralyzed, fearing what will come next.
She can’t let go of what has already happened.
She can’t get up and she can’t go back to sleep.
She feels powerless.

This is anxiety.

This is the story that I hear over, and over again, from my clients. This is what I have
gone through myself, countless times. The paralysis. The overwhelming fear. And the lurking thought
that there will never be any relief from this crippling feeling.

I am here to tell you that there is relief and that you are not alone. Over 40 million Americans suffer
from some version of anxiety, and number only reflects what is reported. I was drawn to work with
clients suffering from this condition because I suffer from it as well. I was in the same position described
above, but I have since adopted holistic, spiritual, and clinical techniques that have changed my
physiological and psychological response to anxiety, as well as my life.

There are four main techniques that I utilize to help my clients overcome their anxiety.

Acknowledge its existence.

When we accept that we feel overwhelmed and helpless, it is then
that we can access the inner strength to heal ourselves. When we try to push a difficult
emotional state away, it will only come back as a stronger emotion. Acknowledging that you need help with your anxiety is the first step to finding relief.

Balance the Nervous System:

Most of us suffering from anxiety have an overactive sympathetic nervous system. The Sympathetic Nervous System controls our fight or flight response, keeps on high alert, and makes us always feel like we are in danger. I work with clients to decrease this automatic stress response and increase the response of your Parasympathetic Nervous System. This part of your nervous system enables a relaxed physiological state, calms our thoughts, and helps us to feel balanced. Incorporating deep breathing techniques, meditation, and grounding techniques can help to increase the bodies’ relaxation response.

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts:

We tell ourselves stories every day, and most of them are untrue. We harp on our limitations and our flaws, and we berate ourselves for not being and doing enough. These limiting beliefs are the backbone of our anxiety. When we begin change our thoughts, about ourselves and our circumstances, we begin the process of self-acceptance. There is no room for anxiety when we accept ourselves fully.

Take Action:

Having anxiety can be debilitating. The overwhelming fear can hold you back from
living a full life. Some common anxieties that hinder clients: traveling, socializing, attending
school and work, beginning new ventures and making empowered decisions. I believe that
exposing ourselves, gradually, to the very thing we fear, will take away its power. I often
accompany clients, as a support, to various settings, in order for them to take action and face
their anxiety head on. This field work has been extremely successful for those who would like
additional reinforcement when leaving their comfort zone.

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