Self-care is more than just bubble baths and scented candles. Self-Care means loving and accepting yourself completely, no matter what is occurring in the outside world. It means understanding exactly what you need in order to feel safe, grounded, secure and whole. It is your personal obligation, to learn what these needs are, and how to apply them. Often, when we think about self-care, we visualize pampering ourselves. We see spa sessions, and massages, and essential oils. These are all wonderful ways that we can care for ourselves, but true self-care goes beyond spoiling yourself.

Did you know that a healthy self-care routine should include:

• A solid, consistent, morning routine

• Financial stability

• Speaking your truth, even if your voice shakes

• Consuming foods that make you feel energized and light

• Setting healthy boundaries with others

• Focusing on, and increasing, joy in your life

• Expressing yourself through creativity

• Forgiving yourself and others

• Listening to your body and respecting its needs

• Allowing yourself to rest when you are tired

Most of us do not have a healthy, consistent self-care routine. Many times, we are so busy caring for everyone else, that we use whatever leftover time we have, to care for ourselves. My mission is to guide you to put yourself first. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup. You must fill yourself up with the unconditional love and acceptance that you are worthy of first. Only then, will you be able to serve others around you. I utilize a Lifestyle Wellness Assessment, that helps clients gauge what aspects of their life feel positive, as well as aspects that they would like to improve upon. This assessment provides clarity on where your life is thriving, and which areas need a bit more work. I guide my clients to focus on one area at a time, providing tools and techniques that can be utilized, in order to increase abundance in each.

Curious what your self-care routine currently looks like?

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