Wake Up Happier

It’s a great day to have a great day. Right?!?

I know what you are thinking: Easier said than done.

I used to think the same way. I allowed myself to be overwhelmed with my daily to-do list, from the moment I woke up.  Those ruminating thoughts only created fear and anxiety that would stay with me throughout the day.  My story of “not being enough” played like background music.

Finally, it got to the point where I would dread waking up and I knew something had to change.  I was so sick of my own BS.

I wanted something to look forward to in the morning. Something that would motivate me to get out of bed and allow me to focus on self-care.

I developed and committed to a positive morning routine, and so can you.

Below are some tips that you can use to make your morning productive and enjoyable rather than something you want to avoid:

  • Wake up Earlier.  Give yourself time, in the morning, to care for yourself.  If you are used to waking up late and hitting the snooze button, begin by setting your alarm earlier.  When you wake up earlier, you honor your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.  Plus you won’t be late for work!


  • Keep a glass of water beside your bed.  When you wake up, let this be the first thing you drink.  Yes, even before coffee. Drinking water, first thing in the morning, cleanses your digestive system and hydrates your body and brain.


  • Breathe. Allow yourself a couple of minutes to take some deep cleansing breaths.  Give yourself this gift before your mind runs amuck with all of the things you have to accomplish in the day to come. My favorite technique is 4-7-8 Breathing.  It is super easy to do!  Breathe in for a count 4. Hold for a count of 7. Breathe out for a count of 8.  Repeat 5 times. This breath will calm your nervous system, reducing your anxiety and stress.


  • Move Your Body. Giving yourself time for physical activity in the morning takes the pressure off of having to do it later in the day.  If you can, go for a walk or run outside.  If you don’t have that much time, simply stretch or do some yoga poses.  Incorporating movement in the morning will give your body added strength and stability for the day ahead.


I hope that these tips can bring you as much morning motivation  as they have for me.

I would love to hear what is helpful for you, so feel free to reply and let me know 🙂




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