What are you manifesting this month?

March is the month between the harshness of winter and the rebirth of Spring. It is a perfect month for personal reflection. Reflect upon the aspects of your life, and your personal belief system, that no longer serve you and let them melt away as the chill of winter passes. Focus on what you want to manifest in your life this Spring! With renewal and rebirth on the horizon, this is the perfect time to set positive intentions for the upcoming months. Below is a simple and effective way to set intentions:

Grab your journal!
I love writing down anything that I want to let go of and anything that I want to bring to fruition. When we write, we become clear on exactly what it is that we desire.

Get into a comfy place, one where you feel at ease. On a blank sheet of paper, write down any thoughts, situations, beliefs, or emotions that are no longer serving you and your higher good. Bless this list with love and rid yourself of it by either safely burning, burying it in the ground, or even disposing of it in the garbage. Wow! That is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders!

Next, on another blank sheet of paper, write down what you want to bring into your life over the next few months. Really focus on how each thing you want to manifest makes you feel, and include these feelings in your list. In order for our desires to come to fruition we must feel the feelings associated with them.
Have fun with this! When you are done, you can keep your list to refer to later, or surrender it in any of the above mentioned methods.

Happy Manifesting ❤

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